[Debian-eeepc-devel] wpa installer report

Glenn Saberton gsaberton at foomagic.org
Fri Aug 15 08:21:32 UTC 2008

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Jeff Abrahamson wrote:
> I installed debian using installer debian-eeepc-wpa.img.  As I don't
> have a way of stating a version, I'll offer the md5 sum of the binary
> I used:
>     jeff at jeff:~/ORIG-eeePC$ md5sum debian-eeepc-wpa.img 
>     897d1d781907f3f6e6624cc1f7b0c963  debian-eeepc-wpa.img
>     jeff at jeff:~/ORIG-eeePC$ 
> The network portion worked quite well and the install mostly proceeded
> flawlessly.  Kudos to the team that put it together.

Thanks for feedback
> Nonetheless, the install didn't "just work".  Here's some feedback.
> The basic install didn't provide a working X server.  Maybe it should
> be easy to apt-get install it later, but I found it confusing.  I
> eventually had to run tasksel to install a desktop environment (that I
> didn't want).
This should be covered in the install guide. Or its also mentioned on
our wiki. We are trying to stray as little as possible from the official
d-i, so in this regard, it would be the d-boot team you should send
suggestions to if you would like tasksel or whatever to change.
> Somewhere through this the BIOS decided that WLAN should be disabled.
> This took a while to debug, as it was unexpected.  Once I turned it on
> again, I was able to get gnome to enable wifi.

Quite odd, you installed via wireless or with ethernet? I haven't heard
of this happening before. (ie, bios switch being toggled because of an
install. Seems strange)
> Oddly, after installing the desktop environment but before removing
> anything, apt-get started recommending I do an apt-get autoremove,
> which told me it would remove most of gnome.  When I did, of course,
> bad things happened to gnome.  (But I planned to remove most of it
> anyway, so it wasn't so bad, just bizarre.)
This also should be passed on to the debian-boot people.
> I now have a working system except that the wifi appears to hang
> frequently (or maybe just freeze up for a while).  It's enough to sudo
> ifdown ath0 && sudo ifup ath0, but I haven't figured out why this is
> happening.  I'm not blaming you guys, mind you, just reporting it. ;-)
Anything in dmesg that looks like wifi errors?
> Anyway, thanks for helping me get my eeepc 900 working under debian.
> Fwiw, to identify the machine, here's a snippet from /proc/cpuinfo:
>     vendor_id       : GenuineIntel
>     cpu family      : 6
>     model           : 13
>     model name      : Intel(R) Celeron(R) M processor          900MHz
>     stepping        : 8
>     cpu MHz         : 900.164
>     cache size      : 512 KB
> Thanks much.
Glad it was mostly painless. Have fun with it :)


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