[Debian-eeepc-devel] WARNING regarding 2.6.26

Andrew Williams andy at tensixtyone.com
Fri Aug 29 08:41:25 UTC 2008

2008/8/28 Robert Epprecht <epprecht at solnet.ch>:
> Today kernel version 2.6.26 has reached Lenny. This causes problems for
> EeePCs regarding WIFI, ACPI (and maybe other stuff). The developer team is
> working on the issue. If you plan to install Debian to your Eee you are
> advised to delay that until the issue is cured. Same is true for kernel
> (and module) upgrades.

I assume I can do some APT pinning to stop myself accidently upgrading
to 2.6.26? Something like:

Package: kernel-image
Pin: version 2.6.26*
Pin-Priority: -1

Is that right?

Andrew Williams / Nik_Doof
w: http://tensixtyone.com/
e: andy at tensixtyone.com

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