[Debian-eeepc-devel] wireless and thermal nocrt=1 not working for eeepc 900/2.6.26

Glenn gsaberton at internode.on.net
Sun Aug 31 13:23:58 UTC 2008

obregonmateo at gmail.com wrote:
> After brashly updating my 900 with aptitude from 2.5.25 to 2.6.26, I cannot 
> get several things to work:
> 1. wireless. What do I have to do to get wireless working again? The wired 
> connection works, but no wireless card is found.
> 2. I have follow previous recommendations on this list and added the "options 
> thermal nocrt=1" line to modprobe.d/local and still my machines turns off 
> with critical 144c temp reached at bootup without adapter. What am I missing?
> Mateo.
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If you have wired ethernet, you can build madwifi modules from the
debian madwifi-source package. (in the standard debian non-free section
of the repo) Module assistant is best for this. If the file you made
isn't working, I can only guess you might have a typo in it, but at any
rate, you can pass the kernel parameter at boot time. when the grub
screen comes up, hit 'e' and you can scroll down to the kernel line, hit
'e' again and add "nocrt=1" to that line, then hit enter and b and the
kernel will boot with that option.



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