[Debian-eeepc-devel] New version of eeepc-acpi-scripts needs testing

Iván Sánchez Ortega ivan at sanchezortega.es
Sat Sep 6 00:24:22 UTC 2008

El Sábado, 6 de Septiembre de 2008, Damyan Ivanov escribió:
> Please fetch[1] the source from the Git repository, build[2],
> install[3] and test[4] the package.

Hhhmm. Kind of breaks things if you're using 2.6.25 on a 901 (which I am). 
Camera toggling won't work and toggling won't work 'cause the control files 
for both devices are hard-coded (in functions.sh) to match those of a 2.6.26 

Keep in mind that, AFAIK, the 2.6.26 eeepc_laptop kernel module will create 
all possible control files, regardless of the control methods available (I 
have to check the last version of the source, though). That means that the 
OSD may display "Camera off" instead of "Camera unavailable" for the 701 2G 
(idem for bluetooth).

Changing the actions related to the softbuttons does work (once I hacked the 
control files for my devices). Cool.

Pushing softkey #1 does not "turn the lid off", but the *screen* off. Sue a 
sleepchecker ;-)

Bluetooth gets borked if I plug in a BT USB dongle (additionally to the 
built-in BT, that is). Doing a /etc/init.d/bluetooth restart seemed to fix 
that. It can be reproduced, I don't know the right combination of 
circumstances. I also managed to inexplicably bork half my running system in 
the process. This will need to be looked into. Maybe I just did a "rmmod 
hci_usb" manually when I shouldn't have to.

Suggestion: let the user configure custom commands to run on wlan off / wlan 
on / bluetooth off / bluetooth on. e.g. I want to run wpa_supplicant on wlan 
on, and I want to kill it on wlan of. I want to kill eth0 if I use wlan. I 
want to start gpsd with bluetooth and stop it accordingly (I use a BT GPS 
quite frequently). I want to start and stop bluetooth services 
(/etc/init.d/bluetooth start|stop) automatically.

Implementation of gnome-osd seems like a cool idea, altough I prefer KDE. So, 
knotify should be taken into account. I dunno. Thoughts?

I miss festival/flite O:-)

Speaking of notifications: I think that the "notify" bash function should 
receive two, not one parameter: a "type" of notification and the notification 
text. This way, gnome-osd would be able to display a shiny icon of a speaker 
when the volume is changed, or a icon of a webcam when the webcam is toggled. 
I'll try to find some time to hack a prototype.

Iván Sánchez Ortega <ivan at sanchezortega.es>

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