[Debian-eeepc-devel] FnF6 key

Jean-Christophe jc.sid at free.fr
Wed Sep 10 08:05:08 UTC 2008

Hi list!
I've just upgraded to eeepc-acpi-scripts 1.0.7 with the new functions 
for 901, and I thought it could be used for FnF6 key (in a 701 in my 
case). Here is what I made (just a proposal: fell free to make it 'the 
better way'):

diff eeepc-acpi-scripts-1.0.7/debian/eeepc-acpi-scripts.default 
 > # Configuration of FnF6 key. You can put one of the actions proposed
 > # or a program like '/usr/bin/xfce4-taskmanager' for exemple    
 > # Anyelse you must put 'NONE'
 > APBTN_ACTION='handle_camera_toggle'

Well I don't know gnome and kde's programs to put it in the comment, and 
camera toggle was good for me but maybe it shouldn't be the default ?

diff eeepc-acpi-scripts-1.0.7/actions/hotkey.sh /etc/acpi/actions/hotkey.sh
 >     # Fn+F6
 >     00000012)
 >     if [ "${APBTN_ACTION}" != 'NONE' ]; then
 >         ${APBTN_ACTION}
 >     fi
 >     ;;

It would be nice to have this Fn key working ... :)


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