[Debian-eeepc-devel] New and wondering - make me excited ;)

Ben Armstrong synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca
Wed Sep 10 16:30:01 UTC 2008

On Wed, 10 Sep 2008 18:14:02 +0200
"Johnny Kewl" <john at kewlstuff.co.za> wrote:
> http://www.pocketables.net/2008/05/gigabyte-mid-m5.html

I think we have some crossed wires here.  This list is specifically
about making Debian work on the Asus Eee PC.  And that is what Iván was
talking about when he said it works now.  Now, maybe Debian works on
this device and maybe it doesn't.  It's the first time I've personally
heard of it.  But this list isn't about supporting Debian on this
device or any other device but the Eee PC line of devices.

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