[Debian-eeepc-devel] Problems with Linux 2.6.26 and Madwifi

Jean-Christophe jc.sid at free.fr
Thu Sep 11 08:21:37 UTC 2008

> Which modules should I have to reload? Is not that done by the scripts.
> Anyway I did not have time to do a reboot because the person owning the
> Eee PC had to go.
If you've installed hal madwifi from the snapshot 
(http://snapshots.madwifi.org/madwifi-hal- you can use 
'madwifi-unload' command (as root) to unload all modules used by 
madwifi. To reload you should use 'modprobe ath_pci' (as root too)

I wonder if madwifi-tools (which should be used with madwifi 0.9.4, not 
10.5.x) from debian repository conflicts with madwifi-hal? Should it be 
installed or not?

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