[Debian-eeepc-devel] Bug#499544: Bug#499544: Bug#499544: Please add lock posibility for kde screensaver

Artur R. Czechowski arturcz at hell.pl
Sun Sep 21 13:22:25 UTC 2008

On Sun, Sep 21, 2008 at 01:06:07PM +0300, Damyan Ivanov wrote:
> This looks bad to me, as the fact a program is installed does not mean 
> it should be used.  For example I installes xtrlock just to read its 
> manual, not actually lock my screen.
Let's try following approach: if user set LOCK_SCREEN_ON_SUSPEN to yes
we try to do our best to lock the screen using all available means.
So, if user has installed and running xscreensaver, we use it. If not,
we try to lock using built-in Gnome/KDE mechanism. If it fails we try
other possibilities (like xtrlock).

> There are two solutions:
>  * add yet another configuration variable to 
>    /etc/default/eeepc-acpi-scripts
>  * make the functions.sh file a conffile by moving it under 
>    /etc/eeepc-acpi-scripts and let the admin wishing to use xtrlock 
>    modify the lock_x_screen function
We don't need any of the above. The most important setting is

> My preference goes to the second solution. Comments welcome.
Additionaly, we can set a parameter like:
in /etc/default/eeepc-acpi-scripts
If not set or set to auto we use approach desribed above. If auto is not
sufficient for user, user can set it to any supported method:
xscreensaver, gnome, kde, xtrlock. Or whatever what will be supported in

I am strongly against users modyfying scripts. Shell scripting is not
hard, but it has some traps. Beginner can easily break the functionality.

BTW, I attached a scriptlet with fixed KDE locking. It also shows an idea
how to do automagically screen locking using all available means. If you
like it I can also write a code for LOCK_SCREEN_METHOD.

Best regards
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