[Debian-eeepc-devel] uvc webcam with Ekiga ?

T. Muthukumar mthirumalai at udec.cl
Thu Jul 30 14:45:58 UTC 2009

On Jul 29, 2009, Fr?d?ric Boiteux wrote:
> 	Hello,
>   I have an Asus eeepc 1002HA, with a USB 2.0 webcam :
> Bus 001 Device 004: ID 05e3:0505 Genesys Logic, Inc. 
> The camera works well with luvcview or mplayer. I'd like to use it with
> Ekiga, but if it detects it, it can't use it :-(
>   I first tried ekiga from Lenny (distribution I use, but with 2.6.30
> kernel), then tried to backport latest ekiga from Sid (3.2.5), but even
> with this latest version, it doesn't work.
>   Did somebody with similar webcam has successfully used ekiga with it ?

I too have had similar issue with ekiga. My hw is eeepc 900. I
have unsuccessfully tried setting up camera for ekiga, both in
lenny and squeeze. The camera works very well with skype. Skype
detects it as USB 2.0 Camera(/dev/video0). My current kernel is

No, I'm not going to explain it.  If you can't figure it out, you didn't
want to know anyway...  :-)
		-- Larry Wall in <1991Aug7.180856.2854 at netlabs.com>
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