[Debian-eeepc-devel] Eee 1000HE

Bernt Hansen bernt at norang.ca
Thu May 14 21:36:42 UTC 2009

Alessandro Pellizzari <alex-JKnwCxoGkCReoWH0uzbU5w at public.gmane.org>

> Il giorno ven, 27/02/2009 alle 09.43 -0500, Michael Pobega ha scritto:
>> > But as the Eee 1000HE should reach 9.5 hours thanks to the S.H.E., and
>> The problem with the newer models is that most of the devs who wanted to
>> work on this project already own, I'd imagine, between one and three
>> EeePCs. Asus has come out with roughly 14 Eee models, so I doubt they're
>> going to be tested a week or so after the release.

I got one last week.  It came with 4 partitions on the drive and Windows
XP.  The two main partitions (80GB and 60GB) were both NTFS - where the
60GB partition was basically an empty D: drive.

I just stole that for linux - deleted it and created it as a Linux
partition and ran the eeepc installer and now I'm dual booting with
GRUB all automatically set up by the installer.

Great job guys!!

I also buy PCs by battery life first... and this 1000HE is replacing a 5
yr old Toshiba I've been lugging around.  I'm still setting up linux on
the Eee PC -- I'm still running the 2.6.26 kernel (with no wireless
support) ATM - upgrading to 2.6.29 from the wiki backport mentioned in
other emails is on my todo list.

Just reporting in that I really like this 1000HE and now that it has
linux on it it's actually useful for me :).  Now my wife wants one too -
but they haven't released the pink versions yet ;)


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