[Debian-eeepc-devel] Bug#528759: eeepc-acpi-scripts: touchpad-off + backlight-off hotkeys

* Tawan Ruanebo sarefo at googlemail.com
Fri May 15 22:20:55 UTC 2009

On Fri, May 15, 2009 at 11:30 PM, Darren Salt
<linux at youmustbejoking.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> I demand that so may or may not have written...
>> the 1000he has:
>> touchpad-off as fn-F3 (hotkey ATKD 00000037 00000001),
>> and backlight-off as fn-F7 (hotkey ATKD 00000016 00000002).
>> these are not yet implemented.
> "Backlight off" is already handled, ready for the next release.

cool :)

> "Touchpad off" isn't. The attached patch *should* implement it; you'll have
> to test it (I can't).

hm, i'm running 1.0.4 here, the diff is probably 1.0.10 (iirc) ?

i'd love to run the recent packages, but somebody (you? :) advised me
against going testing for now.

> BTW, if you have the event code for Fn-F4, that would be useful...

ATKD 00000038 00000000



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