[Debian-eeepc-devel] WLAN toggle fix for the 900A - how to figure out the exact EeePC Model with a script?

Andreas Schreiner andreas.schreiner at sonnenmulde.at
Sun Sep 20 15:02:49 UTC 2009


I finally found time to look into and fix the issues with WLAN toggle  
on the EeePC 900a. This EeePC still needs the pciehp_force=1 switch  
for the pciehp kernel module at least until Kernel 2.6.32 as it seems.

I now want to patch the /etc/init.d/eeepc-acpi-scripts file to use  
pciehp_force as long as it resides on a 900A model. For that I  
obviously have to figure out the exact EeePc model. I once saw a file  
(in /proc or /sys I believe) that had the exact model in it but I am  
currently unable to find it. Does anybody know where/how to read the  
exact model? Did the EeePC specific kernel module(s) change so that  
this file is no longer available? Any more information?

Thanks for any help!



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