[Debian-eeepc-devel] Ivestment

salvador james salvadorjames02 at megamail.pt
Sat Sep 26 16:57:49 UTC 2009



I am Mr Salvador James. I am 45 years old  and happily married with two
children. I am contacting you for you to assist me in my prospective
investment in your country.  I have decided to invest outside the shores of my
country for the future of my two children (a boy and a girl). This is the
reason why I anticipate for your assistance in the proposed investment over
there in your country. I intend to go into the real estate and hotel
investment depending on what your professional advice will be.

Please, reply to this e-mail address to indicate your interest:
salvadorjames2009 at e-mail.ua


Mr Salvador James .
directemail:salvadorjames2009 at e-mail.ua

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