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Gary Rich gary.rich at me2email.com
Wed Sep 30 15:12:27 UTC 2009

Gary Rich, here with a quick update on Nopalea:

 IMPORTANT! TriVita has just launched a brand new product called Nopalea.
It is an exciting new wellness drink that will:

	* Protect Against Premature Aging
	* Detoxify the Body
	* Reduce Inflammation
	* Promote Optimal Cellular Health "> It is projected to be TriVita's
First Billion Dollar Product.  With the launch, TriVita has started a new
Share and Earn compensation plan just for this product.  It pays a true
70% payout for the first 90 days for each new member you bring in.  After
90 days it reverts back to the original TriVita compensation plan. The
first 90 days of each new member you bring in will earn you 30%... Second
level 15%...Third level 10%. The remaining 15% is distributed to Directors
and above.

 To join TriVita with the Sonoran Bloom Share and Earn model costs just a
ONE TIME $35, then one bottle of  Nopalea on autoship for only $39.95 a
month plus shipping and handling qualifies you for the Share and Earn
compensation plan. You will be in TriVita and will be able to participate
in the MAP cooperative marketing model if you so desire.

 To view the Sonoran Bloom model please go here:

 http://www.sonoranbloom.com/13012372 [1]

 Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


 Gary Rich

 PS:  On Sept 8, the new Nopalea TV infomercial started airing.  It will
bring in new Affiliates, as well as new customers.

 So, we will also be able to "purchase" business builders to add to our
group due to TriVita's media efforts.

 And guess what?

 Those new Affiliates will grow their businesses the same way....by
"buying" Affiliates of their own
 from the company......etc, etc, etc!!

 If you are "Share and Earn" qualified ($35 for the kit, and one bottle of
Nopalea on autoship), you can buy Nopalea customers.

 And if you then personally sponsor 2 Share and Earn qualified AM's, you
will be able to buy Nopalea Affiliates to place
 into your organization!!

 What is so great about Nopalea, you may ask?

 Go here to check it out....

 http://NopaleaVideo.notlong.com [2]

 And here is how it is helping people......

 www.NopaleaWorks.com [3]

 Any questions, please let me know.

 It would be great to have you on our team!!


 Gary Rich

 You are receiving this as a result of being on my subscriber list. From
time to time I alert you to opportunities I run across that I myself have
conducted some due diligence. If you wish to be removed, please reply with
"remove" in the subject and I will not contact you in the future.


[1] http://www.sonoranbloom.com/13012372
[2] http://nopaleavideo.notlong.com/
[3] http://www.nopaleaworks.com/
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