[Debian-eeepc-devel] jittery mouse on 1005ha

Hans-J. Ullrich hans.ullrich at loop.de
Sun Sep 5 08:03:02 UTC 2010

Am Sonntag, 5. September 2010 schrieb Abhishek Dasgupta:
> For the last few days, the mouse in my 1005HA randomly starts moving
> around. This does not happen always, if it does it sets in within 10 min
> to 1.5 hours of use. Once the problem starts, it can be "solved" by
> rebooting.
> Recently I had given the netbook to be repaired and they supposedly
> replaced the motherboard. This problem did not exist before the repair
> took place, so not sure if it's due to that or some updates in squeeze.
> I haven't observed the problem in Windows after a few hours of using it.
Hi Abhishek,

for me it looks like a hardware problem. I m using a 1005HA, too, and never 
appeared such a behaviour.

As it appears exactly after your repair, I suppose, the problem comes wikth 
it. I suggestr, to send it back, to repair it again. 

They should test it maybe with a livefile linux from an usb-stick.

Best regards


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