[Debian-eeepc-devel] Future of this project, readiness for Wheezy

Darren N T Koh dkoh309655 at msn.com
Mon Feb 27 13:21:55 UTC 2012

Long since hung up my programming boots - ended with the 6502 chip!!

But - just want to record my thanks to you Ben, and to everyone who
contributed loads to make Debian-on-the-EEE work.  Without you, my
journey with Debian would have been much the poorer.

With best regards
Darren Koh


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Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2012 14:14:26 -0400
From: Ben Armstrong <synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca>
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Subject: [Debian-eeepc-devel] Future of this project, readiness for
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It should be abundantly clear by now that I have just been coasting in
my leadership role in this project, as my attention has turned to other
aspects of Debian that interest me more. There has been no forward
motion of the project since eeepc-acpi-scripts 1.1.12 migrated to
testing Oct. of last year. I feel some mild guilt about this, as I think
this subproject deserves better ... but I never promised this would be
forever, and I think the work I've done in the Debian Live project and
providing irc user support has a much more significant impact than I
ever made here.

On the flip side, things just work so well on Eee PC systems in general,
that it hasn't needed that much care in a while. If any of you are keen
to make things better than they already are for Wheezy, please speak up!
We need to make sure we've delivered the best Debian we can for all
those future Wheezy stable users!

Things you can do:

- check out any existing usertagged bugs, help fix them
- review & cleanup the wiki, particularly wrt. outdated content
- review & followup on any mailing list queries for help that got lost
in the shuffle
- check out the eeepc-acpi-scripts package from git; is there anything
more we need to do to make it ready for Wheezy? can we get rid of it
entirely for Wheezy (or at least reduce it to some minimal, truly
hardware-specific fixes)?
- do a test install or three on your favourite eee pc hardware
- file & help fix new bugs
- maybe you have some other brilliant ideas for this project I haven't
thought of :)


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