[Debian-hebrew-package] [svn] r546 - pkg/hspell/trunk/debian

kobi zamir kobi.zamir at gmail.com
Sat Apr 14 19:44:35 UTC 2007


> Can we first discuss this?
Yes. We did, see mails in debian-hebrew-common by Diego about this
bug, I was aginst :-)
We can re-open the discussion (*).

> hspell is hspell ,do not bastardaize hspell!
hspell job is to spell check hebrew. Some users want to use multispell
for that and others want hspell-i, it is a fair use of the alternaive
system in my view.

> What are you trying to achieve anyway?
Close bug #418430 in the way that was agreed apon, e.g. using alternatives.


(*) I do not use kmail.

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