Bug#421416: [Debian-hebrew-package] Bug#421416: culmus: Please provide TrueType versions also

Baruch Even baruch at debian.org
Sat Apr 28 20:14:01 UTC 2007

* Tommi Vainikainen <thv at iki.fi> [070428 22:01]:
> Package: culmus
> Version: 0.101-6
> Severity: wishlist
> FAQ in culmus upstream homepage tells that people wanting TrueType
> versions of culmus fonts should convert those with FontForge
> (previously pfaedit). It would be nice if there would be Debian
> package providing these fonts converted to TrueType.

For what purpose do you need the truetype fonts?

Converting Postscript to Truetype isn't really trivial as far as I know,
there are various tables that need to be made for truetype which are not
easily created from postscript font data.


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