[Debian-hebrew-package] Bug#431681: Bug#431681: Bug#431681: piuparts test: fails to install: ln: creating symbolic link `/etc/fonts/conf.d/65-culmus.conf' to `../conf.avail/65-culmus.conf': No such file or directory

Baruch Even baruch at debian.org
Thu Jul 5 05:35:25 UTC 2007

* Lior Kaplan <kaplan at debian.org> [070705 01:46]:
> Michael Ablassmeier wrote:
> > while running archive wide piuparts tests your package failed on install with
> > the following error: 
> > 
> >   Unpacking culmus (from .../culmus_0.101-7_all.deb) ...
> >   ln: creating symbolic link `/etc/fonts/conf.d/65-culmus.conf' to `../conf.avail/65-culmus.conf': No such file or directory
> >   dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/culmus_0.101-7_all.deb (--unpack):
> >    subprocess pre-installation script returned error exit status 1
> We have several solutions for this:
> 1. Depend on fontconfig-config, which will create /etc/fonts/conf.d/
> 2. supply the link as part of the package (instead of handling it in the 
> maintainer scripts). This two will result in the creation of 
> /etc/fonts/conf.d/.
> I think #2 is the better one, as #1 will make culmus drag in some other 
> fonts as dependencies.
> Your thoughts?

I agree we should go with option #2. Depending on fontconfig-config is a
task for the applications that actually use it, we just want to ensure
that if fontconfig-config is installed culmus will be known by it.


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