[Debian-hebrew-package] libhocr-0.10.7 released

kobi zamir kobi.zamir at gmail.com
Sat May 3 20:09:08 UTC 2008


libhocr 0.10.7 released.

Changelog for libhocr 0.10.7:

 * hocr-gtk save session parameters
 * remove .py from hocr-gtk example python scripts file names
 * use libtiff for black and white
   hocr-pixbuf export and import using tiff format
 * hocr example can read black and white tiff image files
   without using gtk
 * use sane-pygtk as the scanner utility
 * make the configure script more flexible

New configure script options:

  --disable-tiff          do not use libtiff
  --disable-glib          do not use glib
  --disable-gtk           do not use gtk
  --disable-python        do not build python binding
  --disable-hspell        do not use hspell
  --disable-hocr          do not build hocr utility program
  --disable-hocr-gtk      do not build hocr-gtk utility program

This release does not use hspell, --disable-hspell will only change
the version string from
"libhocr-0.10.7-SYSTEM-BUILD_DATE-tiff-hspell-gtk" to
but will not change the library functionality. This configure option
should be used until hspell will be reused by libhocr
to prevent hspell from appearing in the version string.

This version is usable. it uses the new image processing functions to
process color images,
and it can recognize fonts with good accuracy.


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