[Debian-hebrew-package] Bug#462612: Bug#462612: [libfribidi0] I second on that

Baruch Even baruch at debian.org
Thu Sep 18 05:25:54 UTC 2008

* dooooo <dooooo.thenewbie at gmail.com> [080917 23:37]:
> Package: libfribidi0
> Version: 0.10.9-1
> --- Please enter the report below this line. ---
> I second on that . I had problems with displaying Arabic subtitles in
> vlc . I compiled the .19.X version to fix the problem .
> Why this wishlist bug wasn't acted on . The upstream version should have
> been uploaded and tested to be included in Lenny .
> Anyway , too late for that .
> The .19.x version should be uploaded to unstable . It adds functionality
> (crucial  for Arabic support)  and It  wouldn't break  anything  IMO .

The problem mostly has to do with time that we maintainers have to
update the package.

fribidi is an important package for many packages in Debian and it
requires a lot of caution when updating. The problem starts with the
fact that upstream developer doesn't update sonames so that if an abi or
api is changed packages can break with no warning and all depending apps
require a rebuild with the new version.

A volunteer to maintain fribidi faster than I can is more than welcome!


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