[Debian-hebrew-package] Assalamualaikum

Fadil fatihahfadil at gmail.com
Wed Sep 23 09:38:38 UTC 2009


In the name of Allah(God) the most merciful and the most compassionate, greetings in the name of Allah (God).   I am Mrs  Fatihah  Fadil, a widow of  45years, suffering from Cancer of the breast, my husband and my only son were killed last year During the  terrorist attack in London .

My condition is serious and according to my doctor, it is obvious that I might not survive. There are some funds that my late husband WILLED for the growth of Islam, the sum of $6,600,000.00 United States of American Dollars and deposited it with a finance institution in South East Asia . 

After my fasting and prayers, on my quest to search for a reliable individual that will stand on my behalf make this claim and use the fund to assist the less privilege ones E.g widows, orphans and poor people around you. As my condition does not allow me to continue with the wish of my late husband.

I found your contact information and I decided to contact you for the usage of the Funds in the way that it will please almighty Allah (God). Therefore, if you are honest and faithful enough to use this fund strictly for this work, your response will be highly appreciated.

God bless you, 

Mrs.Fatihah Fadil. 

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