[Debian-hebrew-package] hocr bugfixing

Oron Peled oron at actcom.co.il
Sun Jul 11 22:58:10 UTC 2010


There are a bunch of bug-reports against libhocr Fedora package
which I maintain:


Some of these bugs were trivial enough to fix, so I fixed them.
There are still some problem with this approach:
 * There is no central location for these patches. On the project
   page (http://developer.berlios.de/projects/hocr/) the "submit bugs"
   entry report that the bug tracker is turned off for this project.
 * Same goes for discussion forums.
 * No mailing list.
 * No release of patched source code for almost 2 years.

I found Kobi's mail address and sent him privately the patches
some 3 months ago. He politely acknowledged them, but the source was
not yet modified.

 please do not try to interpret this as a rant on Kobi -- it's not!
 I realise he is probably very busy, just like it happens to me many
 times. I only try to contact other package maintainers to seek
 their ideas on how to handle this.

I decided to look for other packagers that maintain this package and
see what is their situation:
 * Debian -- changelog shows 1 release since 2007. No bugs listed
   (except one new packaging problem in sid)
 * Ubuntu -- you are also listed as maintainers for Ubuntu (two for
   the price of one, that's good ;-)
 * Opensuse -- only some broken package named hocr-tools (didn't waste
   more time on this)
 * Mandriva -- Google (mandriva hocr) didn't bring any substance :-O

So, it's only you guys (and girl's) and me. First, here are direct
links, so you can decide if you want to patch your packages:
 * The closed bugs:
 * The patches (the *.patch files):

If anyone have an idea how to better support this package, please chime in.

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