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<table cellspacing=3D"0" cellpadding=3D"0" border=3D"0" ><tr><td valign=3D"=
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<TABLE border=3D0 cellSpacing=3D0 cellPadding=3D0>
<TD vAlign=3Dtop>Dearest One,<BR><BR>Good day to you, how are you and your =
family? hope all is fine.<BR>Please i want you to know that it's not by mis=
take I am contacting you but by the special grace of God.<BR>I am 17 years =
miss Jennifer Amaoh the only child of my late parents { Chief. Gilbert Amao=
h and Mrs Ajua Amaoh } presently I am staying in a church here in Ghana bec=
ause i do not have any place to go to, my uncles sent me out of my father's=
 house and took our properties, they said that i am a female child that i d=
o not have any right in the family.<BR>My father established his cocoa and =
gold business in Accra Ghana, and he died shortly of heart attack, His deat=
h has now made me an orphan and i am exposed to danger.<BR>Before my father=
 died,he called me by his bed side and reveal to me about some funds $13.7 =
million U.S.Dollars and some gold dust that he packed inside two metallic t=
runk boxes which he deposited with a Security Company here in Accra
 Ghana as a family treasure.<BR>He told me that he used my name as his only=
 child as his next of kin to the deposit and in case he fails to make it th=
at I should seek for a foreign partner that will invest the money for me.<B=
R>I have all the papers with me here but the security company dont want to =
release the deposit due to that they and my father had an agreement that i =
should provide a foreign partner before they will release the deposit.<BR>P=
lease, i am seeking your assistant to avoids the officials from raising eye=
 brows to the funds.<BR>Please, all that i am asking is for you to kindly h=
elp me stand before the company as my foreign beneficiary partner or my gua=
rdian to receive the trunk boxes in your country so that i can come over to=
 meet you and continue my education.<BR>Please stand for me and help me cla=
im the trunk boxes so that i will come there for my medical school.<BR>You =
will also help me for the investment of the fund in a viable
 business there in your country, i will be very glad if you can come to Gha=
na here to meet me so that i will take you direct to the company.<BR>I am w=
illing to offer to you 20% of the total sum as a compensation for your help=
.<BR><BR>Expecting to read from you soon.<BR><BR>From Jennifer Amaoh.<BR></=
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