[Debian-hebrew-package] An orphan in tears,

Ray daniel at musicalisimo.net
Wed Aug 10 02:14:20 UTC 2011

Hello, My name is Raymond Watson, aged 17 years old and the only son of
Mr. Watson. Before My father passed away he told me to contact you if
anything happened to him that you will help me, so i wanted to know please
if you are the friend of my father? I have inheritance from my late father
which i desire your assistance in receiving the inheritance in your
country for investment while i come over to further my education and begin
a new life. I will be glad to give you fifteen percent of the total
inheritance for your assistance.

Truly i do hope you are going to honestly accept to help me considering my
situation and security, couple with an uncontrollable crisis around the
country as you must have heard over the news, my life is no more protected
here. I confide on your assistance and write with every respect due to
your good person and ask that you assist me to get the inheritance on my
behalf as my late father's foreign associate to your country for
investment. Please if you are willing to assist me, indicate your
acceptance by sending me your full name, address and direct telephone
contact so that I can give you a detailed explanation on the inheritance.

Thanks in anticipation. Raymond

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