[Debian-hebrew-package] Bug#604290: Bug#604290: kkbswitch removal

Lior Kaplan kaplan at debian.org
Sun Feb 13 18:14:04 UTC 2011

On Sun, Feb 13, 2011 at 2:55 AM, Roman Odaisky <
to.roma.from.debbug at qwertty.com> wrote:

> > As the last upstream release was at 2005, and I believe there is a
> keyboard
> > indicator / switch utility, I'm fine with removing this package from
> > unstable/testing after the squeeze release.
> To the best of my knowledge, nothing other than kkbswitch provides
> per-layout
> keyboard shortcuts and layout toggle mode in a GUI.
> [...]
> Thus there’s no viable alternative to kkbswitch for such a use case.
> Admittedly, it’s uncommon, but not so because it’s not needed; rather,
> typical
> ways of setting up three layouts are inconvenient and users avoid them, not
> knowing of kkbswitch. I guess there’s quite a number of users with such a
> need, particularly citizens of bilingual countries or those studying
> foreign
> languages (native language + English + another language).
> Besides, kkbswitch is easily configurable via GUI and does its job fine in
> 4 despite being a six year old KDE 3 application. It just works. Please
> only
> remove it after providing another means of solving the above problems.

If someone wants to port kkbswitch from KDE3/QT3 to KDE4/QT4, I'll be more
than happy to keep maintaining it. but Debian can't support old libraries
for a long times, especially when upstream has newer versions.

Along side the porting, to build the package you'll have to add these
packages to build-depends: libx11-dev, libxkbfile-dev, libxext-dev,
libxt-dev, libjpeg8-dev

I'm CCing the kkbswitch author, in case he's interested or know someone who
is for doing the porting. Popcon says we have at least 280 installations of

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