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Mon Feb 14 00:22:02 UTC 2011

Good day!

I received your contact information from an email database of business persons and professionals.

I will like you to consider this information I am providing to you with deep attention as this could lead to greater wealth and success for both of us.

I work for a multinational company with operations in 80 countries worldwide. I am privileged to obtain information about a product that will change the construction industry globally within 2 years. I was in Malaysia last week to investigate & research on the product on behalf of our company.

The product is recently developed in Malaysia . It is very new in the market and I have met a Malaysian agent from whom I bought 2 samples of the product in 1  Liter container for US$ 10 per liter. The product has been tested in our company lab and it has been approved.

Now I am presented with a lucrative opportunity to mark up the price to $18 per Liter. The problem I am facing is that I am disqualified from supplying this product since I am a staff of the company. In addition, close friends and families of staff are prohibited from soliciting for supply contracts with the company.

Since I am marking up the price, then it is logical for me not to disclose the agents contact to our company and also vice-verse. Otherwise, any opportunity to earn extra income monthly will be eroded.

This is where you come in  to deal with the Malaysian agent, negotiate on pricing if possible and supply to our company. The product is 100% legal.

At this stage I may not disclose our company or the product name for job security reasons until I am sure you are ready to do this business transaction.

Simple Cost & Benefit Analysis

Per 20ft container: 15 000 Liters.

Total Cost             = $ 150 000 @ $ 10/Liter

Gross Profit          = $ 120 000 per 20ft Container

Please do consider my letter to you with an open mind otherwise you may lose this opportunity to benefit from a global infrastructural revolution. If you wish you can purchase sample from the agent and confirm for yourself.

My interest in this transaction is 30% of Net Profit as commission fee that should be paid to an offshore I will provide during the course of time. The payment must be made next business day after confirmation of payment issued by the buyer. Failure to do so will result to additional charge of 5%.

Kindly contact me on my private email:  for more details.

camillhen at hotmail.com

Camille Chen
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