[Debian-hebrew-package] LibreOffice and OpenOffice.org-using packages/Openoffice.org extensions

Rene Engelhard rene at debian.org
Tue Jan 11 19:35:20 UTC 2011


OpenOffice.org will be replaces by LibreOffice after squeeze is released.
With that step, we have a small problem with OpenOffice.org extensions/
a transition do to.

Even when there wasn't the OpenOffice.org -> LibreOffice switch, for
OpenOffice.org extensions there would be a (minor) transition anyway,
as OOo 3.3 has a better mechanism to (de-)register extensions, loosing
the need for calling unopkg in the extensions' maintainer scripts!

This is a pre-information, but if you wish, you could start migrating
in experimental now.

- Rename your package from *-openoffice.org/openoffice.org-* to
  libreoffice-*/*-libreoffice. if needed, add a transitional package.

- Change /usr/lib/openoffice to /usr/lib/libreoffice wherever you specified
  /usr/lib/openoffice. The structure underneath it is the same, except with
  the obvious s/basis3.2/basis3.3/[1]

- Change your openoffice.org-* depends to libreoffice-* depends. The package
  structure for these matters is also the same, so it's just a replacement
  of the prefix

Now we come to the unopkg improvement. "Proper" oxts (that e.g. excludes
openoffice.org-ctl-he...) do not need to be registered using unopkg anymore.
They can just be unpacked with the filename as directoryname (with or without
.oxt doesn't matter, but without is prefferred) and put into
usr/lib/libreoffice/share/extensions; see e.g. libreoffice-pdfimport for an
example. LibreOffice then will notice the new extension there and register
it itself in the users' user config.[2]. That's new in OOo 3.3 so you need
to depend on libreoffice-core (>= 3.3)[3] anyways if you wanted to use it...
This also has the extensions that e.g. voikko doesn't need to work around
the .so in a .zip and getting the libs per hand, dh_shlibdeps will DTRT.



[1] but you should use basis-link if possible anyway
[2] To make it faster libreoffice-common has a trigger, tgough, which runs
     unopkg sync when it sees someting (de-)installed there
[3] A depends on libreoffice-* is sufficient, though, as there is no 
    LibreOffice before 3.3 :-)
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