[Debian-hebrew-package] hdate for ubuntu unity

kobi zamir kobi.zamir at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 13:36:48 UTC 2011

hello dovev

thank you for your mail,

I did not try unity :-( and do not know what it can and can't do ...

> I found your hdate applet - it looks like great work, thanks!
> Are you planning to port it to notification-applet instead of gnome-applet so it can be used in the notification area?
> Unity no longer supports gnome applets and this program would be a great addition for me.

the script linked below is a notification icon for hdate applet:

it requiers python-libhdate to work.
it is part of the hdate-applet code and will be installed by default,
if you install from source code.

the debian package does not pack this notification icon script.

maybe you can ask the debian hebrew packagers to create a package for
this script.

i have tried this script with gnome-shell, and in gnome shell the
notification area is hidden on the bottom of the screen and not a good
place to show the date.
in gnome-shell we will need a gnome-shell panel applet. in kde4 the
notification icon looks ok.


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