[Debian-olpc-devel] Sync with debian

David Farning dfarning at sugarlabs.org
Wed Aug 6 18:35:43 UTC 2008

On Wed, 2008-08-06 at 13:42 -0400, ffm wrote:
> David Farning wrote:
> > On Wed, 2008-08-06 at 13:12 -0400, ffm wrote:
> >> Are there any major reasons not to sync the ubuntu packages with debian? 
> >>   (that way we don't need to duplicate efforts)
> >>
> >>
> > 
> > Current Jonas Smedegaard is doing the Sugar packaging for Debian.  He is
> > an active maintainer in CDBS and is using his Sugar packages to test
> > some rather significant to CDBS.  As a result, his diff.gzs are 2000+
> > lines.  He is in the process of pushing his changes into CDBS.  That
> > process may take a few months.
> > 
> > In the short term am not sure if it is worth the effort to pull all of
> > his changes through the sync/merge cycle.
> Wouldn't it be more effort to update all of the packages manually?
> -FFM
I have cross posted this to the the Debian-olpc team to which Jonas

I do not have the knowledge to answer that question.  Hopefully some of
the more experienced packagers can work through this issue.

There is a good introduction to the issue in the following thread.



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