[Debian-olpc-devel] Compensation for your past efforts

Donald Laurence dlrencebxe at sbcglobal.net
Sat Sep 19 22:56:57 UTC 2009

My dear,

Please accept my apology for not contacting you earlier due to my tight schedules but very I am happy to inform you about my success in getting those funds transferred with the assistance of a new partner from South Korea.

Presently, I’m in Japan for some investment projects with my own share of the funds.

However, I didn't forget your past efforts to assist me transfer the funds despite that we did not conclude it, hence, I want to show my gratitude by compensating you with the sum of $1,200,000.00. 

Kindly contact my Secretary in London, Mr. Devaney John because I have left an instruction with him to send the you a Certified Bank Draft of   $1,200,000.00 for your compensation. 

You are to send him your full Information where you want the Bank Draft delivered to because the money is in Bank Draft and not Cash.

Before I left for Japan, he was the only one I could trust with that kind of money.

Please contact him today by email or telephone using the information below, with your FULL CONTACT ADDRESS AND TELEPHONE NUMBERS:


Mr. Devaney John

Telephone: 447024066583

Email: devaneyjohn at aggies.com 

I am presently very busy here because of the projects which I and the new partner have at hand, so feel free to discuss with him on how the  $1,200,000.00 Certified Bank Draft will reach you without any delay and Please do let me know immediately you receive it, so that we can both share the joy.



Donald Laurence
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