[Debian-olpc-devel] Core Sugar packages and SEETA-sugar team

Luke Faraone luke at faraone.cc
Fri Jul 16 03:02:12 UTC 2010

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On 07/15/2010 12:16 PM, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> First of all, I apologize for my silence lately.  I am involved as a
> technician in a theater project and have been busy preparing, and now
> running, a performance in Turin, Italy.  This theater performance ends
> sunday - next one starts mid September.  I will attend Debian Debcamp
> and Debconf in New York in a week and 2 weeks onwards.  All in all I
> hope to very soon be more responsive and productive again on this list :-)

Great. I wasn't sure if you had noticed my earlier emails about
sugar-terminal-activity or if I had missed something you had asked me to
do, wrt that package.

I'll also be at Columbia for DebConf10, so I'm glad I'll see you there!

> I have noticed your work on that wiki page already[1] and the
> correspondence of yours that has emerged already on this mailinglist.
> I am very excited about all the packages that you are preparing!
> I am concerned, however, that only parts of the correspondence happens
> on the mailinglist.  Ideally I would want us to exchange ideas,
> questions and solutions on this list.  Such mailinglist use would not
> only serve us that work together, but also potentially inspire others to
> participate whom perhaps currently consider helping out but look at the
> mailinglist and feel that not much is happening in this team. :-(
> David has told me that you already work close together on IRC. 
> Personally I seldom use it[2], but if it works for you then great.  It
> would be nice, however, if you maybe now and then carry over the "top of
> the iceberg" of what happens in IRC land to the mailinglist.  Automated
> or manually, I don't care.  But so that us (or am I the only one?)
> following this mailinglist but not engaged on IRC do not loose out on
> issues discussed, problems fought etc.

This pretty much summarizes what we've been discussing in IRC:
 * Who works on what tasks
 * Random things where people get stuck and seek out quick assistance

I didn't think it would be useful to spam people's problems to the list,
especially when they can be solved quickly via real-time chat, and
weren't often very Debian-OLPC specific. If you would prefer, we can
change that policy.

As far as I know, all major, relevant decisions as to how activities are
to be packaged that been made on IRC were also mentioned or discussed on
the mailing list. Examples:

I'm sorry if our efforts are not as transparent as they should be, and
will endeavor to stress such openness that in the future.

> On a related note, I have noticed that recent posts by David and Luke
> are cross-posts both to this mailinglist and an Ubuntu list.  I dislike
> cross-posting in general.  [...]  Let's try agree on a
> sensible posting style - I hereby open that debate by stating that
> cross-posting is bad, and suggest we simply don't do that.

Okay, that's reasonable. If something's Ubuntu-specific I'll post it
there, but otherwise I think we can live with having everything else
over here :)

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Luke Faraone
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