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Sun Apr 5 01:47:19 UTC 2015

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The annotated tag, upstream/0.102.0 has been created
        at  19712b6b230201717fa1da8fa88a3d77f0ab4d3e (tag)
   tagging  251efffdf5f3bdb1aac5180b121fd8dfa48c50c1 (commit)
  replaces  upstream/0.100.2
 tagged by  Jonas Smedegaard
        on  Sun Apr 5 01:58:18 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.102.0
Version: GnuPG v1


Christofer Yael Roibal Perez (1):
      Unnecessary checkout for getting file size, Fixes: #2303

Daniel Narvaez (22):
      Add padding to the journal button palette
      Revert "Shows path instead of activity name in Title bar. Fixes #3073"
      Release 0.101.0
      Remove trailing space
      Release 0.101.1
      Add the gsettings schemas for translation
      Add keybinding to dump the ui tree
      Revert "Remove unused variable from journal misc.py"
      Fix pep8 errors
      Release 0.101.2
      Pyflakes fixes
      Release 0.101.3
      Release 0.101.4
      Release 0.101.5
      Update POTFILES.in
      Fixes for pep8 1.5
      Modernize gettext setup
      Add a bunch of missing translations
      Release 0.101.6
      Testing buildbot hook
      Release 0.101.7
      Test commit

Emil Dudev (7):
      GConf to GSettings port
      Change paths to non deprecated scheme
      GConf backward compatibility
      Use .splice_async() in filetransfer.py
      GConf to GSetitngs port, tier 2
      Asynchronous file copying
      A small bug fix, due to the GSettings port and homeview key merging

Frederick Grose (1):
      Rework wireless control panel section to respect non-wireless connections

Gonzalo Odiard (56):
      Add a gconf option to show/hide the Register option - SL #4640
      Display the model in the control panel About this computer section
      About this computer: Display secondary licenses if needed
      About computer: show when was the last update on system packages
      Reorganize the code to avoid duplications
      Do not update the journal when in the detail view - SL #4658
      Fix regression introduced by ae54fc4e6d23a1b7f145810ea5e9edd12fa220bb
      Show feedback in detailview when sugar can't manage a entry - SL #328
      Consolidate the control of what can be resumed in the journal
      Fix Clone of gtk3 activities - SL #4608
      Fix "Restart button in detailview does not works if palette is opened" - SL #4468
      Fix "Show feedback in detailview when sugar can't manage a entry"
      Fix control panel search focus issue - SL #3188
      CP background section need set the cursor at exit - SL #4667
      Fix method name in journal multiple objects operation
      Implement Activity Help feature
      Add viewhelp.py to POTFILES.in
      Fix error while trying to open journal palette. Fixes #4637
      CurrentActivityIcon need check if _home_activity is None - Fixes #4725
      Display keyboard shortcuts in palettes - Fixes #4716
      Inhibit suspend while doing text to speech
      Microformat updater: set cache header
      Microformat updater: fix parser
      Show a error message if the activity updater can't connect to the server
      The updater need reset the internal state when finish with error
      The updater need reset the internal state when finish with error
      Updater: disconnect signals when cp view is closed - Fixes #4740
      Initial backupmanager and section in the control panel
      Add UI interaction to the backend
      Better naming of the generated backup file
      Save metadata in generated backup file
      Show a start message earlier
      Add mime type for backup files
      Save the mime type in the generated backup file metadata
      Add tests
      Solve the flow of text with long messages in backup/restore cp
      Updater: show icons for new activities - Fixes #4657
      Don't break the updater with a malformed activity.info file
      Use introspection instead of dbus to set wireless on/off
      Speech palette: don't save values for every slider movement
      Avoid mixing signals received by settings updates - Fixes #4759
      Delay saving the sound volume, to avoid saving many times
      Replace use of dbus on aboutcomputer panel
      Avoid pulsing icon at startup - Fixes #4767
      Flake8 fixes
      Implement filter by favorite in devices and Documents - Fixes #3813
      Implement filter by activity in devices and Documents - Fixes #4523
      Cache get_documents_path value
      Assign the right mountpoint to files located in Documents directory
      Don't remove the extension on external files - Fixes #2949
      Save/Load metadata for files in subdirectories in Documents and devices
      Fix delete metadata of files in subdirectories
      Notify the view about changes in external devices
      Fix "Show in Journal" functionality - Fixes #4777
      Fix display of multiple alerts in home view - Fixes #4757
      Show the Join option in the activity palette in neighborhood - Fixes #4779

Ignacio Rodríguez (8):
      Port AboutMe section to Grid
      Use set_color_xo instead set_color
      Unit test for profile, age, gender, color and nick.
      Use hardcode names and colors.
      Color coded devices
      Merge pull request #365 from SAMdroid-apps/color-devices-crash
      Merge branch 'walterbender-circular-imports'
      Merge pull request #379 from godiard/fix_4777

Jerry Vonau (2):
      Remove OLPC specific code from sugar-control-panel
      correct potfiles.in for file rename found in c94e6f7d35e5f36a7dcd20cb28f830acf40bcf58

Jonas Smedegaard (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.102.0

Manuel Quiñones (9):
      Revert "Removes pulsing from start-up icon. Fixes #3092"
      Remove monochrome from battery icon while charging
      Merge branch 'gsettingsi18n' of https://github.com/dnarvaez/sugar into dnarvaez-gsettingsi18n
      Icon API change: use pixel_size
      Remove unused variable from journal misc.py
      Expose variables used by inner functions
      Merge branch 'rcunning01-master'
      Merge branch 'patch-2' of https://github.com/rcunning01/sugar into rcunning01-patch-2
      Change icon for Backup in Caontrol Panel

Martin Abente Lahaye (19):
      Fix missing options in batch copy palette
      Connect to same event once at a time from _Account
      Extend notifications model
      Support volumes backup
      General notifications container widget
      Listen notifications from activities tray
      Add system notifications widgets
      Add or remove system notification buttons
      Update corner notification icon
      Clean temporary icons before microformat query
      Fix NotificationPulsingIcon property name
      Fix notification badges position and size
      Do not cache BuddyMenu in favorites view
      Do not overflow transfer palette
      Block KeepIcon callback in ExpandedEntry
      Set keep values as strings
      Remember last ad-hoc used
      Use del instead of IconInfo.free
      Release 0.102.0

Prasoon Shukla (2):
      Fixed ticket 4694.
      Fixed ticket 4686.

SAMdroid (1):
      Fixed an issue with the show_launcher option having no effect

Sam Parkinson (6):
      Display badge in corner notification icon
      Display badges in activities tray icons
      Add NotificationBox to current activity palette
      Find if an activity is GTK2 or 3 in the view source dialog
      Stop a null device crashing the journal
      Fixes #2382, don't star journal entries from the object chooser

Sebastian Silva (1):
      Try to use X11 window icon on Activities tray. Needs icon pixbuf support.

Stefan (1):
      Removes pulsing from start-up icon. Fixes #3092

Walter Bender (22):
      Set limit to open activities and open instances
      add jarabe/view/alerts
      Fix typo in GConf code
      Merge branch 'aboutme-grid' of https://github.com/clone-sugar/sugar into clone-sugar-aboutme-grid
      Add age and gender to user profile
      add missing file: agepicker.py
      Merge branch 'uitree' of https://github.com/dnarvaez/sugar into dnarvaez-uitree
      add labels to webservice icons
      Replace combobox with palettes on Language cpsection The Language-selection combobox does not work properly with touch and the long list of language and country-variants is almost impossible to use. (This is a revision of PR #279 -- as per the recommendation of Gonzalo, no ellipsis or max character width is used since we have ample room.)
      Replace journal filter combo boxes
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
      Merge branch 'po' of https://github.com/dnarvaez/sugar into dnarvaez-po-2
      Add control for microphone level setting
      pep8 patch
      Merge branch 'speech_fix' of https://github.com/godiard/sugar into godiard-speech_fix
      Merge branch 'wifi_on_off_introspection' of https://github.com/godiard/sugar into godiard-wifi_on_off_introspection
      Merge branch 'view-source-toolkit-version-rebase' of https://github.com/SAMdroid-apps/sugar into SAMdroid-apps-view-source-toolkit-version-rebase
      More robust locale matching
      Merge branch 'buddy-palette-nocache' of https://github.com/tchx84/sugar into tchx84-buddy-palette-nocache
      Merge branch 'tchx84-buddy-palette-nocache'
      Don't offer to join beyond maximum participants
      Fix circular import

ana-balica (4):
      Fix #4733 - remove warning on username change
      Manage restart message on reverting to initial username
      Fix #4733 - remove warning on username change
      Manage restart message on reverting to initial username

cheekujodhpur (1):
      Shows path instead of activity name in Title bar. Fixes #3073

manuq (1):
      Merge pull request #284 from godiard/backup_feature-try5

rcunning01 (5):
      Set GNU GPL in monospace font
      Update LGPL-C.txt
      Update LGPL-python.txt
      Update LGPL-C.txt
      Update LGPL-python.txt


sugar Debian packaging

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