[Debian-olpc-devel] Jessie Sugar-0.104 packages

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Fri Apr 10 12:16:06 UTC 2015

I've built a Debian Jessie system and installed sucrose-0.104 and
lightdm packages.

Sugar can be selected in lightdm, but has some problems:

1.  click to change colour has no icon visible,

2.  the age and gender queries have no icon,

3.  the home view has no icons visible, not even list view selectors
or the central icon, so one can't do anything or even log out.

Workaround is to "service stop lightdm".

I've checked sugar-artwork-0.104 is present.  The full package list
generated by "dpkg-query -W" is:


The system was built using vmdebootstrap, then I added Jonas'
Jessie packages.  /etc/apt/sources.list contains

	deb http://approx.lan:9999/debian jessie main
	deb http://approx.lan:9999/jones jessie sugar_

And my approx.conf contains

	debian http://mirror.optusnet.com.au/debian
	jones http://debian.jones.dk/

I've not yet checked for mirror lag.

James Cameron

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