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David Laurence via Meetup info at meetup.com
Mon Jan 2 12:04:15 UTC 2017

Marbella Hardware invention/ Electronica/ Programming

Join David Laurence and 30 other Members in Marbella. Be the first to hear about upcoming Meetups.

<p>The idea is a multifaceted group in which people from the coast can join together and collaborate in a spacious Office to come up with/brainstorm new ideas using the latest in electronica (Arduino, Rasberry Pi, Beagle, Uudo, etc), in Art (3D printing and Design for Architecture, Jewellery, Interior Design, Smaller Designs), and Programming the languages that link these technologies together, which may sound hard, but are much easier to learn and understand than you think:<br>Courses and workshops as well as collaborative thinking and Setting up groups, is the main way we would come together and learn and teach each other.<br>I can suggest some beginning projects so you have an idea of what is possible:<br>- Creating better arduino or rasberry pi controlled drones for many purposes<br>- Creating any kind of object that would require sensors or emitors (electronica), backed by a microcontroller like those already mentiond:<br> * Medical Scanners<br> * Pollution Scanners<br> * Music / Visual Emitors for MP3/MP4<br> -Creation of autonomous machines that can make life much easier:<br> * Submarine RC- Scrubber/(cleaner<br> * Cheap and affordable Land based cleaning tech<br> * Camera and Film stabilizers either via drone tech or mobile tech<br>- 3D printing projects (A 3d printer is available and can print anything from Nylon, ABS, PLA, Bamboo, Glass, and even Wood)<br>- Web Development and Mobile programming for the use of such technologies such as creating autonmous systems which can be simply controlled and monitored from a tablet / laptop / or Telephone<br>- E- marketing, Social Media as a tool for smarketing<br>- Ecommerce and Local Print based Media tech to spread ideas and profitable ventures.</p> 
<p>My background is vast, and broad, and I have done everything from programming in Gambas, Python, PHP, HTML 5, Flash, etc. I have lead many succesful companies and worked for very large enterprises (1 laptop per Child, SugarLabs, Open Learning Exchange, and the Junta de Andalucia as developer and inventor) I know how to run a business smoothly and fast, via outsourcing and using the right hosting and management tools to get the Job Done. I have a vast baclground in Techincal and Mecihanical IT solutions as well as things like automated home solutions, automated Gardening, etc</p> 
<p>If you think you would like to take part in such a group, please dont hesitate to contact me. If we get more than 15 people, I will happily host these meetings at my office / Training / workplace....</p> 
<p>I can think of endless subjects to move forward with but the first meeting would be relatively informal and be an explanation using the tools at hand to show what we can expect to produce, for fun, for enterprise, and for learning.</p> 
<p>Kind Regards,<br>David Van Assche</p>


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