[debian-yeeloong-project] Starting the Debian YeeLoong Project.

Cato Auestad bleakgadfly at fsfe.org
Mon Aug 23 17:14:15 UTC 2010

There haven't been much activity on this lists and it is too bad, so in
hope of getting a little spark going, I have a couple of questions:

liushiwei :

You seem to have done alot of awesome work with Debian on the
Loongson-platform (I run your Squeeze-version on my FuLoong), would you
be interested in integrating your development into the Debian Alioth

Matt: Would you like to share your ideas for how we should start this
project? Do you want to only be compatible with the YeeLoong and not
with the other Loongson machines, like the FuLoong and the newly created
LynLoong (I know someone who is selling a prototype of this one)? You
say on the project homepage that you want a "full support" for YeeLoong
- but that would also include the Loongson 2E CPU which I believe is in
some older YeeLoongs not longer in productions.

Let's get the party going people! :)

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