[debian-yeeloong-project] I'm a yeeloong user.

Elmar Bucher elmbeech at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 03:21:43 UTC 2017

Dear All,

Don't know if this helps:
I once got Gentoo running on a Yeeloong. Back in 2012.
However, because you have everything you need to compile with Gentoo.
You will spend a lot of processor time with compiling. The processor
is not that powerful.
I realized that I will not get much work done with this machine.
Finally I switched to a Think Pad.
Though that have the be said, I learned a lot and it was fun!

Best, Elmar

On 12 September 2017 at 19:31, Stuart Longland
<stuartl at longlandclan.id.au> wrote:
> On 13/09/17 12:10, "세벌" wrote:
>> Hello, I'm a Korean. I use yeeloong netbook sometimes.
>> I installed Debian Linux Jessie in the netbook.
>> It is verrrrry slow :p
>> Are there yeeloong users now?
> For what it's worth the Yeeloong was never a speed demon, and in my
> opinion, the choice of graphics chip (Silicon Motion SM712) was a big
> backward step from what Lemote used in the Fuloong 2E (ATI Radeon 7000M…
> did once get Quake II to work with that… for about 10 seconds before X
> crapped itself).
> If you can compile stuff for MIPS-III they're not too bad, but
> Debian/MIPS prior to Stretch is compiled for MIPS-I.
> I used to use one as my primary workstation towards the end of my
> university studies.  Still have it actually, the battery is stuffed now,
> but it still goes.  I'd like to get a usable web browser going on it so
> I can use it for camping trips, but getting Firefox to compile is a pain
> and Chromium requires 3GB RAM (!) to compile.
> The Yeeloong sadly is a dead platform where Debian is concerned, they've
> decided to drop anything older than MIPS64r2/MIPS32r2 which means the
> Yeeloong with its Loongson2F (MIPS-III) is pretty much consigned to the
> scrap heap.
> Gentoo Linux, Linux from Scratch and OpenBSD (which is NOT Linux) are
> the only operating systems I know of for this platform that are current,
> and of those, I'd say Gentoo is the more practical as you don't have to
> do absolutely *everything* yourself (in the case of LFS) and you don't
> have to deal with the toolchain idiosyncrasies that OpenBSD suffers from.
> If someone knows of another platform, I'm all ears.  Sadly most are
> focussing on newer boards that support these more advanced CPU ISAs now.
> Regards,
> --
> Stuart Longland (aka Redhatter, VK4MSL)
> I haven't lost my mind...
>   ...it's backed up on a tape somewhere.
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