[Debianjr-maintainers] I want to invest in your country

Basil jd at web66615.greatnet-hosting.de
Fri Aug 19 12:38:57 UTC 2016

Dear Friend,

I am Basil Bohoun. I want to invest in your country this Fourteen 
Million Five Hundred Thousand dollars. I am looking for a Good person to 
help me. I want to transfer this money and use it for investment purpose 
such as Real Estate management.I am honorably seeking your assistance in 
the following ways:
1) To serve as a guardian
2) To make arrangement for me to come over to your country to further my 
3) To help me invest the money in a profitable ventures. I am only 20 
years old and I am prepared to give you Thirty Percent of the total 
amount as commission for assisting me and Five Percent for expenses that 
will be incurred.

Best Regards,


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