[Debtags-devel] AI Tagger

Thaddeus H. Black t at b-tk.org
Sat Aug 20 15:08:43 UTC 2005

Benjamin Mesing wrote:
> I hoped there was a nicer way, especially because I rely on the Depends,
> Recommends and other fields. I will definetely use your code!
> Fortunately I have encapsulated the whole filling of the packages, in
> one function :-)

If uninteresting, please disregard (no reply is needed).  However, if it
is of interest, I happen to have a set of Perl modules which fully parse
and interrelate the Sources and Packages files, including versioned
dependencies, build dependencies, architecture limitations, virtual
packages, reverse Enhances, correct sequencing of version numbers,
versioned Provides, etc.  The modules go far deeper

I wrote the modules to help me to analyze the thick web of dependencies
in the archive.  The modules are undocumented, unpublished, unpackaged,
and written by me only in Perl not C++, so if your need is not deep then
the modules would probably prove more trouble than they're worth.
However, for deep archive analysis, these OO modules can help.  There is
nothing debram-specific about them.  They're available on request.
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