[Debtags-devel] Hello, and a few improved tag descriptions

Mike Paul mike@wyzardry.net
Thu, 02 Jun 2005 02:56:11 -0400

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Hello, everyone.  I'm interested in helping the Debtags project.  I've
been running Debian since hamm, and I'm pretty good with C++, so
hopefully I can do something useful.  :-)

(I've looked at the list of "job openings" on the project page on
Alioth, and I don't see anything small enough that I'd feel confident
*immediately* jumping in on, but a few things that I think I'd like to
work on as I get to know Debtags better.)

Anyway, for starters, here's a little patch which improves two tag

Index: debian-packages
--- debian-packages	(revision 864)
+++ debian-packages	(working copy)
@@ -49,10 +49,10 @@
 Description: File distribution and copying
 Tag: admin::filesystem
-Description: Filesystems
+Description: Creation, maintenance, and use of filesystems
 Tag: admin::forensics
-Description: Filesystems
+Description: Recovering lost or damaged data
 Tag: admin::hardware
 Description: Hardware support
Mike Paul <mike@wyzardry.net>

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