[Debtags-devel] Hello, and a few improved tag descriptions

Enrico Zini enrico@enricozini.org
Fri, 3 Jun 2005 13:06:41 +0200

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On Thu, Jun 02, 2005 at 08:23:00PM -0400, Mike Paul wrote:

> Looks good!  It's well-written and fun to read, and it nicely brings
> together all the information that I'd previously found only by browsing
> around various parts of the website plus reading the list archives.

Thanks!  Considering the feedback I had so far, the paper looks very
promising.  I hope that'll bring us a bit more towards the mainstream.
In which case, I may need some help with management :)

> One error though:  the section "The tag database" says that the tag
> sources are listed in /etc/apt/sources.list, when they're actually
> in /etc/debtags/sources.list.

Gosh.  Fixed.

> > Since you mentioned C++: have you ever been using functors?  I was
> > considering switching the various consumer classes in the library to
> > functors, but I've got no experience with them.
> I generally avoid using "functor notation" (overloading operator()) for
> reasons of readability:  it makes it not readily apparent what's an
> object and what's a function.  It's a matter of personal taste, and if
> someone were to present a good argument as to why this notation is a
> good thing I might change my mind, but if you're talking about
> Consumer::consume() in libdebtags1/trunk/debtags/Consumer.h, I think I'd
> just leave that as it is.

I liked the idea of a tighter integration between Debtags classes and
the STL, like making Debtags classes work with STL algorithms; and I
heard something nice about adaptor classes, that turn an operator()
invocation in a consumer::consume() invocation or an invocation of any
other method of a class which is not specifically a consumer.

That would mean that a class wouldn't need to be a consumer to get
packages, and that many of its methods could be fed packages by some

Later in the day I intend to reread the Stroustoup book again on
functors, and maybe I can come up with a proposal we can discuss.


Enrico quite excited about being able to discuss about the code!

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