[Debtags-devel] Update to the list of programming languages in the vocabulary

Mike Paul mike@wyzardry.net
Sun, 05 Jun 2005 13:49:40 -0400

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Here's a patch which makes a few minor improvements to the list of
programming languages in the vocabulary:

      * Added Haskell to the "implemented-in" facet because it had only
        been present under "langdevel", and I know of a package (Darcs)
        which is implemented in Haskell.
      * Added Lua to both "implemented-in" and "langdevel" because I
        know of a package (ToME, a roguelike) which needs it there.
        (The game can be extended by writing Lua modules, so (I think)
        that's langdevel::lua, and some of the game's "default"
        functionality is provided by such modules, so that's
      * Added Pike and GNU R to the "implemented-in" facet for
        consistency, because they had only been present under
      * Corrected the description of langdevel::pike, and moved it into
        correct alphabetical position in the list.

Index: debian-packages
--- debian-packages	(revision 867)
+++ debian-packages	(working copy)
@@ -544,12 +544,18 @@
 Tag: implemented-in::fortran
 Description: Fortran
+Tag: implemented-in::haskell
+Description: Haskell
 Tag: implemented-in::java
 Description: Java
 Tag: implemented-in::lisp
 Description: Lisp
+Tag: implemented-in::lua
+Description: Lua
 Tag: implemented-in::ml
 Description: ML
@@ -566,9 +572,15 @@
 Tag: implemented-in::php
 Description: PHP
+Tag: implemented-in::pike
+Description: Pike
 Tag: implemented-in::python
 Description: Python
+Tag: implemented-in::r
+Description: GNU R
 Tag: implemented-in::ruby
 Description: Ruby
@@ -663,6 +675,9 @@
 Tag: langdevel::lisp
 Description: Lisp Development
+Tag: langdevel::lua
+Description: Lua Development
 Tag: langdevel::ml
 Description: ML
@@ -676,12 +691,12 @@
 Tag: langdevel::perl
 Description: Perl Development
-Tag: langdevel::pike
-Description: Perl Development
 Tag: langdevel::php
 Description: PHP Development
+Tag: langdevel::pike
+Description: Pike Development
 Tag: langdevel::python
 Description: Python Development
Mike Paul <mike@wyzardry.net>

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