[Debtags-devel] Renaming the 'media' facet into 'specialty'

Erich Schubert Erich Schubert <erich.schubert@gmail.com>
Thu, 9 Jun 2005 23:27:22 -0700

I didn't get the meaning of "speciality" from the name. My first
suggestion would have been "data" again, but this doesn't solve the
"processes" issue.
Why not call it operate-on, or work-with? objects?

The very-simple interface you suggested basically uses a
subject-verb-object approach.
Which is supposedly very intuitive. the uitoolkit etc. have the role
of adjectives and adverbs. Maybe we can derive a good term from that.

Some more notes to other mails:
"uitoolkit" belongs into "software technology used", IMHO. ;-)

Back to your very-simple interface:
I like providing the user with these choices ("what do you search",
"what do you want to do with it", "what do you want to operate on?")
and that fits really nice into a wizard-like tool. Still we need to
keep the old "don't provide too many choices" principle, and I don't
think we have the capacities for natural language processing.
At least for inserting adverbs/adjectives we really should try to only
suggest useful choices. I.e. if the user searches for a web comic
reader just display the few choices, and suggest choosing a ui when
he's looking for an email client.

A limitation here is that we don't have read-email and read-rss
separated: think of an application reading rss feeds and sending you
summaries via email. It will have the email tag, the write tag, the
rss tag and the read tag. Suddenly, this can show up as email reader,

best regards,
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