[Debtags-devel] Won't come to helsinki

Enrico Zini enrico@enricozini.org
Fri, 10 Jun 2005 14:36:23 +0200

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On Thu, Jun 09, 2005 at 10:55:18PM -0700, Erich Schubert wrote:

> So I would have really liked to meet you (again) in HEL, but I won't
> make it. I hope that debtags will get a big boost from that, too.

The good news is that you'll be having quite a nice time!

I'm sorry I won't see you, though: there's been lots of discussion
recently, hopefully there'll be more at Debconf5 and I wouldn't like to
have you out of the loop.

So, please let me know if I can do anything to keep you in touch: some
sort of report, a phone call[1] or anything.

> That's also why I havn't been following the (overwhelming 24 active
> threads) on the mailing list: no WiFi or even mobile phone coverage in
> Yosemite. ;-)

In case you lost it, here's a point which called for your attention: no
need to hurry, I'm just collecting it here so that it doesn't get lost:

Handling gpg signatures in mails

  In http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/debtags-devel/2005-June/00041=
  there's been a discussion on locking some facets or tags to be
  changed only by mails signed by a certain group of people (CDD-foo
  facets handled by CDD-foo people only; some tags handled only by
  whoever adopted them; some 'difficult' tags (such as 'license' if it
  existed) handled only by a specialised team.

  I've been looking at the code and it seems doable but not trivial
  (it's easy to hook gpg key verification into decoding, while the
  ACL-like system for restricted tags would need to be implemented from
  scratch.  I thought of making a patch, but then I have a hard time
  trying it out[2].
Also, there is something I thought I wrote but I can't find it, I
probably wanted to write it but I haven't done it yet:

  would it be possible to remove the "(attach)" link for bare facets
  (such as 'devel') in the packagebrowser?  It should be a quick and
  small change to the interface, but it'd mean that people would use the
  real specific tag instead of a facet which usually doesn't mean much.

Enjoy your trip in the parks, and see you when you come back!



[1] I can call international for quite cheap via VoIP
[2] The packagebrowser script is not in 'central-database' and there's
    no installation instructions such as SQL CREATE TABLE statements.
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