[Debtags-devel] Converting to {debtags,tagcoll} 1.0 TagDB::outputSystem

Enrico Zini enrico@enricozini.org
Sat, 11 Jun 2005 16:38:14 +0200

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On Fri, Jun 10, 2005 at 09:31:46PM +0200, Benjamin Mesing wrote:

> have encountered one obstacle that seems to be not so easy to overcome.
> The function Debtags::TagDB::outputSystem(TagcollConsumer<std::string,
> Tag>& cons, bool facet_only) was removed and only the function
> Debtags::TagDB::outputSystem(TagcollConsumer<Package, Tag>& cons) is
> available.
> The former function was introduced with the following changelog entry:
>         TagDB can output the database to TagConsumer<string, Tag> (useful=
>         package managers like synaptic that could use the Tag class, but =
>         have a different Package class)
> That is exactly why I would like to see this function again (it is still
> in the header but inculded in an #if 0 #endif block).=20
> Are there plans to reimplement it or is there another way to get this
> functionality without having to carry around the whole Package stuff?

Sorry: my spring cleanup were a bit too aggressive :(

I've reimplemented those functions.  I'm very motivated to keep them, as
in my long-term plans Debtags::Package should be replaced by a
std::string, and I'm probably going to extend support for that as I
implement more Debtags functionality into libapt-front.

Do svn up and you'll find those functions again.



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