[Debtags-devel] roles

Justin B Rye jbr@edlug.org.uk
Mon, 13 Jun 2005 12:42:50 +0100

Enrico Zini wrote:

(Cutting most of it because I'd rather get on with implementing the
current scheme than get hung up on particular suggested changes...)

>> media/format:
>> * End-users searching for audio-handling packages will find xmms but
>> 	not xmms-doc or xblast-tnt-sounds.
> Here I wouldn't mind if people that go for media::audio found
> xblast-tnt-sounds

I'd mind, because it isn't what they asked for, is it?  Yes,
xblast-tnt-sounds contains audio-format data, but it isn't something
that handles any sort of data at all.  Confusing the functions of
media:: (ie "handler-for::") and format:: (ie "contains::") makes
both of them less useful as entry-points.

> However, the "media" facet wouldn't be the only point of entry for audio
> applications.  One could very well start from "sound::player" or
> "use::playing", both of which wouldn't lead to xblast-tnt-sounds.

I don't see how that would justify tagging xblast-tnt-sounds under
media:: as a package that handles audio data. 

There's a danger that if there are a dozen different plausible entry
points for a given query, each of which presents a different
unpredictable risk of getting bogged down in unreliable categories,
that's going to make debtags harder to use rather than easier.
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