[Debtags-devel] Tips collected while approving LOTS of tags

Enrico Zini enrico at enricozini.org
Fri Oct 28 22:12:10 UTC 2005


I went back to the supertedious task of hand-approving tags from the
free-edit area to the Packages file.

Here are some hints I put together while doing the work.  I'm posting
them here for review and to start a "tagging tips" collection.  Some of
them could go to a "TIPS" file, some could probably go in the
description of tags and facets in the vocabulary.

 - "foo-doc" packages usually don't have the same tags as the package
   "foo".  For example, foo may have commandline interface, but foo-doc
   talks about foo, not about commandline interfaces.
   Tag "foo-doc" with interface::commandline only if foo is a system to
   generate parsers for commandline interfaces, and so the
   documentation's main focus is the topic of commandline interfaces.

 - "foo-data" won't probably have many tags besides
   "role::content:data".  Don't add other tags to it, unless one could
   want the "foo-data" package for some specific reaon besides using

 - "apache" is a server, but "libapache-mod-foobar" probably isn't and
   it's a plugin instead.
   Likewise, web applications are not servers (apache is the server),
   unless in some special case (like, for example, if they implement the
   server-side of an XMLRPC or SOAP protocol).

 - use "protocol::*" only if the program is an essential player in the
   world of that protocol.  A PHP application isn't "protocol::http":
   even if its output usually goes through the HTTP protocol, HTTP
   protocol functionality is usually not the main focus of the

   For example, squirrelmail is a web application, but its main focus is
   mail, not HTTP, so it can go in mail::user-agent and protocol::imap.

   If there existed a package with a web application that one could use
   to test an HTTP client, that could have protocol::http.

 - "foo-dbg" is not devel::debugger.  It's useful for debugging foo, but
   the package is indeed not a debugger, nor a plugin for a debugger,
   not an interface to a debugger.



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