Thirteen tips from effective tagging

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This comes from, but some of them are useful for us as well,

Independence is a virtue. If your underscore or dash serves to separate
two words, could each of the two words be more useful as independent
tags? For example, tagging the Drupal site with the tags "open" and
"source" -- so that it shows up on separate pages for open and source --
is a lot less useful than giving it the tag "opensource." Rather than
using the tag "canadianpolitics," try using two tags: "Canada" and
"politics." That way your resource will show up under resources about
Canada and about politics.

Hang out at crossroads. If you've followed the guideline above to use
two separate tags (rather than smooshing two words into one tag), find
the resources you're interested in by using intersecting tags. For
example, even if you use the tag "politics," you can easily find all the links on Canadian politics by entering the URL
"" into your browser's address

Co-ordinate your efforts. If you're part of a professional community or
community of practice, consider establishing a common set of standards
for how to tag resources you want to share among yourselves. A wiki can
help do the job.



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