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Peter Rockai me at mornfall.net
Tue Jun 27 07:57:39 UTC 2006


There are some things bothering me about current vocabulary. One of them is
the devel::lang: and made-of:: stuff. The made-of::<language> should probably
go away for all turing-complete programming languages and be replaced with
made-of::source-code. devel::lang: should be just ripped out. To specify
language, a new facet could be created, like language:: (description
Programming Language?).

The cases where a package contains source code in language A but is primarily
useful with language B can be handled by tagging with both language::A and
language::B. The idea is that if it's written in A, it can be useful for A
coders anyway -- studying code, reusing, etc...

So the language:: facet would go like "useful for coders in a given language".

As for rest of made-of, there's only data:*, so made-of::data and format::
(File Format) facet would be probably a good idea again. There are tags like
role::content:data and i would vote for
works-with::{audio,video,text,image,database,archive,font,...} all of which
would hint the package could be tagged with a format:: tag as well (not
always, but it would often make sense). Actually, made-of:: can have the same
above structure. Specifically, if the semantics of "made-of" are "primary
content", then it's not likely that we will have the "works-with but also
made-of", and even if we do, it will be probably the case that the package
works with same things that it's made of. The other option is to double the
format facet, but it doesn't make too much sense IMO. We can always fix it if
it turns out to be a problem, so i vote on keeping it simple.

That's about the ideas for now, i will probably have some more thoughts on
this matter.

If noone steps up, i will start to migrate things to a scheme like this in a
few days.

Yours, Peter.

PS: You may have noticed that i did a biggish description cleanup, so if i
broke something please step up.

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