Some questions about Debtags

Andrea Bolognani eof at
Wed Nov 8 19:53:19 CET 2006

The home page of Debtags links to some documentation, mainly hosted in the
Debian wiki.

Anyway, this documentations seems to be a bit out of date: in my
understanding, the correct tag to tell a program is written in C is
implemented-in::c, and at least debtags-edit seems to agree with me.

On the other hand, both DebTagsFacets and DebTaggingGuidelines in the wiki
seems to suggest the correct tag is made-of::lang:c -- and a lot of packages
in Debian currently use this tag.

Another thing I think is not clear is where the uitoolkit::tk tag can be used.
While the description says "Tk (for TCL)", I don't see any reason not to use
it for software written in Python and using the Tkinter module.
A lot of Python/Tk packages in Debian already use it: is that wrong?

TIA for any clarification you will give me.

KiyuKo <eof AT kiyuko DOT org>
"Like Russian Rulette with six bullets loaded"
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